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Eucharistic Ministry in St. Canice's & St. Margaret's Parish
Renewal of Ministry for all Eucharistic Ministers

November 26th 2016

Fr. Padraig Ó Cochláin ,
Fr. Donal Neary,
Maeve Stringer &
Valerie Murphy
At the recent meeting for the Renewal of Ministry we had a great turnout and there was a number of details in respect of an updated protocol for Eucharistic Ministers and they are listed below.

The highlights are as follows:
  1. All Eucharistic Ministers must sign in the Log Book in the Sacristy and receive their cross which when worn distinguishes them from the congregation.
  2. Wait in the Sacristy and process out with the Priest, Altar Server, Reader and other Eucharistic Ministers.
  3. Sit in the Front Seats close to the altar (or as close as is permissable)
  4. After the Our Father approach the Sanctuary
  5. Wash your hands and wait until all other Eucharistic Ministers have washed their hands.
  6. All proceed to the Altar together, with an equal amount of ministers on both sides of the Altar.
  7. The first two to leave the Altar will head to the back of the church, the next two to the middle and then one to the side and the other for the chalice.
  8. As you give out the Holy Communion to the parishioner approaching you raise the host / chalice in front of them and say "The Body / Blood of Christ.
  9. When you are both finished return to the altar together and place your ciborium in the Tabernacle.
  10. When you wsh your hands again wait at the edge of the Sanctuary until all the ministers have finished.
  11. All Ministers  return to their seats together.

  1. If for some reason you do not wish to receive from the Chalice please indicate to the priest by crossing your hands in front of you.
  2. If you drop a host you must keep it separate and then bring it to the Sacristy and place it in a glass of water where it will disolve ( alternatively you can consume the fallen host)
  3. If a young child approaches you with arms crossed, put your hand on their head and say the words "God Bless You".
  4. At no stage should a Minister stand with a host in their hand and call a parishioner, only lift the host when the person is in front of you.
  5. A Minister can only perform one Minstry at each mass.
  6. If the priest feels that he needs more Ministers he will ask for them from the Altar.
  7. Ministers should only open the Tabernacle when invited to do so by the priest.
  8. If for some reason you cannot make it to your Mass then please arrange with another Minister to cover for you.
  9. The New Rota will come into from January 17th and the following are the numbers required for each Mass
      1. Saturday 7:00pm  6 Ministers
      2. Sunday 9:00am    4 Ministers
      3. Sunday 10.30am    6 Ministers
      4. Sunday  12:00om   6 Ministers

(From time to time situations arise that we may not have covered and we ask that any new situation can be approached with a "Common Sense Approach".

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