The sacraments are instituted by Jesus Christ and are a gift from God, given through the Church as an outpouring of His love. Through the seven sacraments (Baptism, Eucharist, Confirmation, Reconciliation, Anointing of the sick, Marriage and Holy Orders), God justifies and sanctifies His people.

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The birth of a baby is a very special and joyful event in a family. We warmly welcome parents who wish to have their child baptised. Baptism is the first step of your child's journey to God.
Members of the Parish Baptism Team welcome and support parents who ask for the gift of Baptism for their children in St. Canice's. Together with one of our priests, members of the Baptism Team meet with the parents, to explore the meaning and significance of Baptism, enabling the family to celebrate their child's Baptism in a meaningful and welcoming way. This meeting is held on the Tuesday evening prior to the Sunday of the Baptism. All candidates for Baptism are dedicated to Mary the Mother of Our Lord.

Baptisms take place almost every fortnight after the 12.00pm Sunday Mass and to parents must contact the Parish Office to book a Baptism Date. For adults who would like to consider Baptism for themselves there is a special Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA) Programme that is offered within the Dublin Diocese and a prospective candidate is encouraged to make contact with one of the priests of the Parish.


The sacrament of Penance or Confession is a beautiful gift given by Jesus to the Church on Easter Sunday, the day of His resurrection when He gave the apostles the gift of His Holy Spirit by breathing on them and He said to them "Whose sins you forgive they are forgiven, whose sins you retain they are retained".

Confessions in St Canice's are held each Saturday morning: 10.30am (except when the Mass is a funeral requiem Mass)

Communal Penitential Services at Christmas and Easter:
At Christmas and Easter, we have held communal penitential services and all details of these and other services will be advertised in the Parish Newsletter.

As part of our commitment to our local schools we will meet all the children and their families at their first confessions. Such a ceremony is indeed a special occasion for the children, their parents and families and the school community. As part of the children's preparation there are regular visits and practice sessions with the priest in the school and in the church.


The Mass is the greatest treasure in the life of the Church. In St Canice's parish it is the centre of every day and every weekend. It is where we respond together in love to Jesus' invitation at the Last Supper to "Do this in memory of me".

Preparation for first Holy Communion:
First Holy Communion is intended as the gateway to weekly participation in the parish celebration of life, death and the resurrection of Jesus and the children of the 2nd Classes in all our of local schools will be preparing for their First Holy Communion. Together with the priests of the Parish, the teachers and parents will collaborate in the instruction of all children who will take this sacrament. This is an important and big day for all the children and for their parents.

Holy Communion for those who cannot attend our services:
If for reasons of difficult or poor health a Parishioner cannot attend our services, we encourage their participation through our live link and if they would like to receive communion the please contact with the Parish office whereupon an arrangement can be made with one the Priests / Eucharistic Ministers to bring communion to them at home.


The sacrament of Confirmation celebrates the coming of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit with His gifts inspired the apostles to take the step of preaching the good news. We are made members of God's family at Baptism. At Confirmation, our Baptism is completed or "sealed" by the Holy Spirit and we are called to be Christian witnesses, just like the apostles.

The 6th class children of the parish primary schools are nominated by their parents as candidates for confirmation. Together with the school they prepare for this important day where the promises made for them at Baptism are confirmed by them in the presence of the bishop and their community.


In preparing for your wedding in St. Canice's Church it is essential that your first point of contact will be the Parish Office to make an appointment to meet with one of the priests. At this first meeting you will be informed of what is required by Church and State. The priest will give the you both the necessary documentation explaining the details and requirements needed civilly and for the celebration of their marriage in church.

The Church requires each couple to complete a Pre-Marriage course. ACCORD is the main diocesan approved provider of Marriage courses and support in living out the gift of marriage in an often-challenging world. There are several other agencies providing similar courses. The priest will arrange with the couple the procedure required for filling out the Pre-Nuptial Enquiry Forms (Marriage Papers). Recently issued Baptism and Confirmation certificates will be basic requirements. If a couple have lived in a different parish after they have reached 18 they will be required to have either a letter of freedom or Statement of Freedom to marry.

The Family Law Act requires a couple to give a minimum of three months' notice to the Registrar of Marriages, Lombard Street, Dublin 2.

Anointing of the sick

Any person who is ill is welcome to receive this sacrament. The primary purpose of the special grace of Anointing of the Sick is to comfort and strengthen the soul of the sick person. It quiets anxiety and dissipates fear. It enables the sick person to embrace God's will and to face the possibility of death without apprehension. It is the grace which gives the soul strength to face and conquer whatever temptations to doubt, despondency, or even despair which may plague a person as they face death. Please contact any priest in the parish and he will be delighted to celebrate this sacrament with you. The parish also holds a communal celebration of this sacrament during the Summer months on a regular basis.

Sick - Calls & Home Visits
It would help us a lot if family or neighbours of unwell parishioners who may be in hospital or confined to home would let us know and with their permission a visit from one of the priests of the Parish can be organised.

St. Canice's Church Funeral Ministry

As in all parishes, St. Canice's Church celebrates the lives of many of our dearly departed Parishioners at their funeral Masses. The funeral Mass is a gift and a chance to give thanks for the life of a family member or friend. We encourage family members and friends to take an active part in this important service and we have prepared a resource that we hope will help to make the funeral arrangements a little easier for all.

  Liturgical Symbols - Funeral Ministry (pdf)    

Parish Schools

St Canice's Boys National School

Finglas, Dublin 11
Primary School Roll Number: 18682F

01 8341585

Patron: Catholic Archbishop of Dublin
Ethos: Catholic || Parish: Finglas

St Canice's Girls National School

Finglas, Dublin 11
Primary School Roll Number: 18683H

01 8342072

Patron: Catholic Archbishop of Dublin
Ethos: Catholic || Parish: Finglas

St Margaret's National School

St.Margarets, Co.Dublin
Primary School Roll Number: 18038B

01 8361669

Patron: Catholic Archbishop of Dublin
Ethos: Catholic || Parish: Finglas

Cill Coscain / Kilcoskan National School

The Ward, Co.Dublin
Primary School Roll Number: 17595F

01 8351508

Patron: Catholic Archbishop of Dublin
Ethos: Catholic || Parish: Finglas

Mary Queen of Ireland National School

Toberburr, Co.Dublin
Primary School Roll Number: 19693P

01 8404629

Patron: Catholic Archbishop of Dublin
Ethos: Catholic || Parish: Finglas

St Michael's Secondary School

Wellmount Road, Finglas, Dublin 11
Post Primary School Roll Number: 60741I

01 8341767

Patron: Catholic Archbishop of Dublin
Ethos: Catholic || Parish: Finglas


Beneavin De La Salle College

Beneavin Road, Finglas, Dublin 11
Post Primary School Roll Number: 60511O


Patron: Catholic Archbishop of Dublin
Ethos: Catholic || Parish: Finglas


St. Margaret's Parish

St Margaret's is situated at the northern end of the parish near the end of the Dublin Airport runway. The community in St Margaret's is composed of several groupings, from the Rivermead / Toberburr housing area, to the farmlands surrounding it to the small groups of houses in this beautiful rural setting.

The area is served by three schools: St Margaret's (close to the church), Our Lady Queen of Ireland, Rivermead, and Kilcoskan.

All enquiries to the Parish Office in St Canice's Parish Finglas 01 8343110

A walkthrough video of St.Margaret's Church

Location Map

Parish Info

St. Margaret's Church
St.Margaret's, Co. Dublin, K67 HX44

Mass Times:
Sunday 10:00am

Sr. Ann Ryan

Born in Portlaoise I moved to the ESB House, Ashbourne Road, Finglas in the early 1950's with my Mam and Dad, five brothers and two sisters. At that time the Ashbourne Road was in the middle of the country and like my sisters and brothers I spent a lot of time playing football, hurling, feeding hens, helping to make trollies to 'scut' around the back yard, playing hopscotch, making dolls clothes, playing doctors and nurses in the hen house, fishing for tadpoles, climbing trees, collecting cowslips and primroses helping to milk the cows and collecting mushrooms if I was up very early!! I learned to play the piano and harmonica at a very early age . In between all this I cycled three miles on my small blue bicycle, parked it in Archer's Garage and walked to the Holy Faith Primary School in Finglas Village.

My Dad had a serious work accident (ESB) which had a big effect on family life and so the family moved from Finglas to live in Phibsboro which, for the family was more central for everything – schools, hospital etc. I attended St. Marys Holy Faith Secondary School, Glasnevin and my final two years went as a boarder to Holy Faith Secondary School, Skerries, Co Dublin. Being outnumbered by boys in the family I enthusiastically engaged in all kinds of sports …. specialising in tennis and hockey. I tried very hard to become a golfer but I could not manage it and resorted instead to be a caddy for whichever of my siblings would have me! I guess my claim to fame in my golfing dream was when I was appointed to be the family golf referee – and it was difficult at times!!! Apart from sport, music was my strength finishing all my music exams at a very young age.

After school I went to business school which led me to work in Administration in Medical Records in the New Coombe Hospital and later in the Chancellery in the Archbishop's House, Dublin and while all this was happening I continued to study music and qualified as a concert pianist.

It seemed that a very attractive life-style was ahead of me but deep down the 'call' to Religious Life became stronger every day. While acknowledging my deep faith and commitment to a life of prayer and sacrifice I decided to 'give it a go'. I was worried about the possibility that this way of life might be too confined after all I was very independent …. lots of friends, driving a car and also had a Honda 50 which I used until the not too distant past.

The Holy Faith Congregation is a teaching Congregation. I entered the Novitiate when I was 22 years of age and at that stage I was regarded as a ‘Late Vocation’!! At that time the Novitiate Stage of prayer, reflection, study, lasted for 3 years in the Holy Faith Convent Glasnevin, Dublin culminating in First Profession. Then there were 6 years between First Profession and Final Profession. Apart from prayer and reflection the Sisters attended various 3rd level Colleges to obtain whatever degree they required to teach in our Holy Faith Primary Schools or Holy Faith Secondary Schools. I studied for 4 years, graduating from the Pontifical University Rome / Mater Dei Institute of Education, Dublin which enabled me to teach in Secondary Schools.

Religious Education, Music and History were the subjects I taught in Co Education and Single Sex Secondary Schools throughout the Archdiocese of Dublin and I also ministered for a very short time in Sydney, Australia. While in various schools I was very involved in the production of musicals, concerts and played the flute in an orchestra.

When the Secondary School in Haddington Road was phasing out I was invited to be a Mentor and Supervisor of degree students in Mater Dei Institute of Education. Side by side with this I was also invited to become full time in the music and liturgy ministry in the Oblate Pastoral Area of Bluebell/Inchicore.

I took time out (Sabbatical) in 2018 for study, reflection and to catch up with family. During this time the Holy Spirit seemed to be very active in my life!! Yes, I had my own dreams in my head but I never dreamed that the Holy Spirit would be pointing me to St Canice's Parish Church in Finglas! Here I am after the long faith journey, bringing with me the many happy memories of those who accompanied me (in so many various ways) on my journey through my years. Here I am and very happy to be here in the parish, which I call 'home'.


The Archdiocese of Dublin and the St. Canice's Parish value and encourage the participation of children and young people in parish liturgies and in Diocesan and parish activities in order to enhance their spiritual, physical, emotional intellectual and social development.

We recognise the dignity and rights of all children and are committed to ensuring their protection from all forms of abuse. This commitment is binding on all priests, employees and lay faithful who are employed or who volunteer in our Diocesan offices and agencies, and in our parishes. It extends to all the activities that children share in the life of the Church in our parish and in our Diocese.

Child Safeguarding and Protection Service
Holy Cross Diocesan Centre
Clonliffe Road
Dublin 3

Tel: 01 836 0314

Director and Designated Person:
Mr. Andrew Fagan
Tel: 01 836 0314

Dublin Diocese Child Protection Officer:
Ms. Julie McCullough
Tel: 01 836 0314

St. Canice's Parish Child Protections Officers:
Linda O'Sullivan and Marianne O'Reilly
Tel: 01 8343110