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The Finglas Faith Community

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The Future of the Combined Parishes of Finglas – Your Priests’ Thoughts
The future begins here and now for the parishes of the Finglas area.  Great work has been and is being done by many Christian individuals and groups in our parishes.  Our combined calling is to ensure that well into the future our parishes will be alive with the faith of their Christian people.  
In a very short few years, many of the priests now in Finglas will have reached retirement age.  Then it is very likely that the number of priests serving the whole of Finglas will be halved.  Will this present a crisis or will it be an opportunity to build a new kind of faith community, a new and exciting way of living our faith?  In times of crisis in Ireland, for example, in Penal Times, faithful Christians took responsibility for the faith, and were supported only by an occasional visit from a priest to celebrate the sacraments.  It is the same in many parts of the world today.  This can make for a stronger or a weaker church.  More people than ever before are in training for the many different roles which the future Church needs.  The former narrow idea of vocation is now much broader.
A new way of living the Christian Life is being born for those living in our parishes.  In the future, committed Christians will serve and reach out to the wider community.  Parishioners will be the heart and the spirit for the greater Finglas population, and a vital part of its life.  
Change is already upon us.  The Church of the Annunciation, Finglas West, is being replaced by a new smaller church - building on a rich heritage, handed down by previous generations, and looking forward in confidence and hope for the future.  Many of the wonderful features of the present building will be included in the new church; carrying forward into the new the beauty of the old.  But most importantly of all, the faith and devotion of God’s people will be the heart of worship in the new building, as it was in the old.  
Finglas is on God’s mind at the moment.  He has a plan for our future; and we are safe in his hands.  Christians always live in hope, for we are people of the Resurrection.  We trust in God’s guiding hand at this time of change - cherishing the old and building the new!  
The call of our faith is to work together to build a new church community where Faith and God are celebrated in a new and life-giving way!’ May the Lord bless our past, our present, and our future together!  
The Clergy and Parish Pastoral Councils of the Finglas Faith Community.

And from Father Éamann Cahill PP Finglas West
Church of the Annunciation – a new beginning
The wonderful parish of Finglas West has struggled for many years with extensive building problems in their church.  Following recent research, discussion and much analysis, the Parish Pastoral Council, the Finance Committee and the Parish Team agreed that it would be best to replace the present church building with a new church.  This proposal was discussed at a public meeting where there was a clear majority in favour of building a new church.  The Archdiocese agrees with this plan and has given us great support.  It is also proposed to build some pastoral facilities with the new church, e.g. Meeting rooms, coffee/tea dock, offices etc.  There are many beautiful features in our present church and we want to include some in the new building – the new being enhanced by the old.  
Preparations are well under way but it will take time.  We will need lots of support, planning permission and a budget to see us through.  While it is early days yet, we have received very strong support and best wishes.  
Éamann Cahill p.p.
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